July 20, 2004

Ability to Write Internal Rhymes, 10, Menacing Looks, 3

I would surely love to win a Les Paul guitar, but I doubt my ability to make a "guitar face".

The term might not be familiar, but the image definitely is — that look guitarists get when trying to nail a high note or power chord.

Now a new contest will determine who has the best “guitar face” — and the winner could be someone who has never held a six-string.

“You can hold up a tennis racket, pretend it’s a guitar and still enter,” said Jesse Raiford, director of programming for the on-demand television service Mag Rack, which is sponsoring the contest. The prize is a Les Paul “Black Beauty” electric guitar and case.

I would like to think that a guitar that swank would at least go to someone who, oh, knew how to play guitar, but hopefully the percentage of people who enter the contest merely because they own heavy metal T-shirts and are good at squinting will be low.

Next: a contest which will award a free piano to the pianist who does the most egregious job of humming the music while they play.

Posted by Francis at 04:23 AM

I think if you grow out a white-trash/truck-driver sort of mustache (do those actually have a name), you might be able to do a credible rock grimace. You might need a wig, though.

Posted by: Rose at July 20, 2004 11:48 AM

A mulletstache?

Posted by: Francis at July 20, 2004 11:56 AM