July 03, 2004

Francis Heaney's Best Rainy Day Book Ever

Rose and I are heading to Boston soon, for both Independence Day and the National Puzzlers' League convention the following week. I'll still be blogging periodically, but not very extensively, I expect. (Especially since I'll still have work to do while I'm gone; a book of math puzzles to test-solve and proofread, and the first round of corrections on Holy Tango of Literature to go over.)

One thing you could do to entertain yourself while I'm gone is get yourself addicted to Wire Hang and Super Headers just like I am, and compete against me remotely by trying to beat my high scores:



Alternately, you could buy yourself some of the CDs I've been obsessively listening to this week, which is probably a better way to find out what it's like to be me than buying the same groceries I buy:

Todd Rundgren, Liars
Sonic Youth, Sonic Nurse
John Wesley Harding, Adam's Apple
A.C. Newman, The Slow Wonder
Sam Phillips, A Boot and a Shoe

These other two CDs are meant specifically to drive Columbine into a buying frenzy:

Don Byron, Bug Music: Music of the Raymond Scott Quintette, John Kirby & His Orchestra, and the Duke Ellington Orchestra
Raymond Scott and the Secret Seven, The Unexpected

You could also go over to Daniel's blog and take over the job of helping to twit Kev. Or, if my pictures of mermaids have only whetted your appetite for more, you could check out other people's pictures.

Posted by Francis at 04:19 AM