June 29, 2004

Fahrenheit Under 18

Defamer reports that the MPAA is preventing Michael Moore from advertising his movie with this quote from Richard Roeper: "Everyone should see this movie." Why?

F 9/11 lost a ratings appeal and carries an R rating, so the MPAA interprets that "everyone" as a call to violate the age restriction the rating carries.

But...isn't everyone allowed to see it? Just because people under 18 have to be accompanied by a guardian to see the movie doesn't mean it's illegal for them to view it. Presumably that "everyone" also includes their parents.

Of course, the R rating for the movie is kind of ridiculous anyway. And many theater owners agree, according to the Hollywood Reporter:

At Oakland, Calif.'s Grand Lake Theater, owner Allen Michaan decided not to enforce the R rating. He is following the same policy as the Park Theatre in Lafayette, Calif., and the Orinda Theatre in Orinda, Calif., where the movie will open Wednesday.

"I really felt that the R rating was totally uncalled for in this picture," Michaan said. "The language it's citing is what kids hear in their music all the time. The images can be seen on the evening news. My wife and I made a conscious decision to defy the R rating.

"Ironically, we are the toughest theater in the East Bay when it comes into getting into an R-rated movie. We actually enforce the ratings system vigorously, but I felt this was political censorship and I couldn't support it," Michaan said. "I don't know how much of an effect it's had on the film, but I think as the weeks go on and the crowds lessen, we'll see more young people coming in."

I still haven't seen it. Busy schedule this past week and all. Maybe Friday. (I can help bump up the often-overlooked-but-still-important second weekend take.)

Posted by Francis at 10:24 PM

By this reasoning, shouldn't NBC stop using their "Must See TV" slogan since most of their primetime shows are rated either TV-14 or TV-MA?

Posted by: D at June 30, 2004 11:41 AM