June 28, 2004

Hello again

We had quite the busy weekend. Saturday was the Mermaid Parade (photos to follow soonish), followed by a walk up the Boardwalk to Brighton Beach to eat Russian food then back to where we started to decide that the "Mermaid Ball" seemed more like "people at a bar" and maybe we didn't want to pay a $10 cover charge for that. So we headed back for cocktails at a friend's nearby apartment, which led to four of us singing karaoke at a local bar till four in the morning. Naturally. I need to go back and get someone else to sing Elvis Costello's "Pump It Up" so I can try to transcribe all the incredibly incorrect lyrics. Fortunately, I have them memorized, so the fact that whoever was attempting to transcribe the lyrics for the karaoke company didn't know the word "tenterhooks" didn't throw me for too long. (I do remember -- or am pretty sure that I do -- that the line "Fall into submission" was rendered as "Fall into somethings".)

Sunday we went to the MOCCA (Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art) show at the Puck Building, where we showed a marked lack of puchasing restraint. Jeff Rowland showed us the aftermath of his brown recluse spider bite. It was scary. After that, we headed up to FIT for the tail end of the origami convention, where we folded two of the models that had been taught earlier in the weekend while we were frolicking in the sun.

Now back to the serious business of hiding in my cave and blogging.

Posted by Francis at 11:45 AM