June 18, 2004

John Waters grinds up copies of this book and makes tea out of it, every morning

In my ongoing quest to impose my taste on everyone I know, here's another installment in the series of "books I'm fond of that are on sale used for hella low prices at Amazon": The Encyclopedia of Bad Taste. (One warning -- don't order from Bargain Books and More in Winter Garden, Florida. I and at least one other person attempted to buy Decade of the Year from them and ended up getting completely random books instead, necessitating refunds and reorders. Does anyone want a free copy of "New World Avenue and Vicinity" by Tadeusz Konwicki?)

The Encyclopedia of Bad Taste is great for indulging in short excursions into the arcana of the worst excesses of pop culture, including entries on Hamburger Helper, Fingernail Extremism, Cedar Souvenirs, Roller Derby (watch this space for more roller derby-related material soon), Enormous Breasts, Panty-Hose Crafts, and many more. Of course, I take exception to the inclusion of "Loud Ties" and "Hawaiian Shirts", and many of my readers may resent the presence of "Game Shows", but this is still a pretty entertaining book for a few bucks (34 cents plus shipping if you buy the softcover).

Posted by Francis at 06:59 AM