June 16, 2004

We made your mailbox bigger and moved it to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Is that okay?

Believe me, I think it's snazzy that Yahoo has upgraded my e-mail account from 6 MB of storage to 100 MB, but I wonder if their servers are prepared to handle the inevitable increase in traffic...which may already be happening, given that I've had a hard time accessing my e-mail all day long since they made the announcement. Right now I can get to www.yahoo.com, where my "Personal Assistant" tells me I have 27 unread e-mail messages, but whenever I try to go to my mailbox, it tells me "The page cannot be displayed." I hope this doesn't keep up. I'd rather expend the energy keeping my account below 6 MB and actually be able to read my messages.

Posted by Francis at 01:56 AM

There was an attack on Akamai's DNS servers yesterday, and between that and the normal growing pains of launching the upgraded mail service, Yahoo was pretty much hosed yesterday. I had the enormous pleasure of watching it eat 50% of some critically important mail I was sending out at 10:45 last night, after which I had to wait ... and wait ... and wait ... for the hamsters running the servers to get back up to the proper speed to allow me to re-send my mail.

Things seem to be running more smoothly this morning.

Posted by: debby at June 16, 2004 09:23 AM