June 14, 2004

Insert header here. No, really!

Damn you, Little Fluffy! Damn you! My obsession with Tontie had pretty much worn off, but now I'm all hooked on the extremely minimal but addictive Super Headers, a game in which an implausibly speedy little soccer prodigy attempts to keep way too many soccer balls in the air simultaneously. Amusing detail: when your characters jumps into the air to hit a soccer ball, his shadow stays perfectly still. My high score to date is 888 points, in case you'd like to start up a rivalry.

Speaking of Little Fluffy, I pointed them out a few weeks ago to my friend Charles, and this Thursday he mentioned them quite prominently in his computer game column in the New York Times, discussing the charms of simple, quick games. (Charles does have a blog, but he doesn't contribute to it nearly as regularly as he does the Times. Probably because his blog doesn't pay him.)

Posted by Francis at 01:42 AM