June 08, 2004

Entertainment today is crap

Lapsed blogger Eric Berlin recently attended a licensing convention and received a free magnet promoting this DVD, the heartwarming tale of a piece of dog poop who feels sad until he finds a purpose in life. (See a larger picture of the cover art here.) Eric remarks, "They thought that third parties would be interested in licensing this character. Imagine the breakfast cereal." How about a Happy Meal? It could be a double tie-in with Super Size Me.

Posted by Francis at 06:56 PM

I just had to rent this from Netflix. What a depressing story! Apparently it's based on a 25-year old Korean children's book, about a little, er, doggy poo who doesn't know what his purpose is in life. He befriends a dirt clod, a leaf and a hen with her chicks who all end up leaving him and making him more miserable. Finally a sprouting plant asks if she may use him as fertilizer, and he apparently dies happy knowing that he'll turn into a beautiful flower.* The end.

I guess you hadda be there.

* Did I mention it's a friggin' dandelion?

Posted by: toonhead! at June 15, 2004 10:54 PM