May 24, 2004

Francis fixes the universe, part 8

So although I'm an atheist, I think I have a fine idea for a new religious sect. Your average Western religion takes the entire Bible as the word of god, which leads to situations where you can't really get people into a discussion about their incredible homophobia because they have nothing against homosexuals, they love everybody, it's just that these people are sinning against the lord, you know.

Anyway, I think it would be useful if we (and by we, I don't mean me, because I think the Bible is generally a bunch of hooey, although that Christ fellow did say a few incisive things about how we should all not be such pricks to each other) could all start viewing the Bible as having been written not by a whole bunch of prophets who had a direct line of communication with god, but by a whole bunch of people who thought they had a direct line of communication with god. Perhaps they were correct...or perhaps they were just nuts. Lots of people think they talk to god. But we don't generally take their calls to arms against the TV anchormen that are spying on their thoughts seriously.

The mere fact that someone who thought god was talking to him thousands of years ago managed to convince other people of his opinion has no bearing on whether god was actually talking to him. I think if religious people had to actually stop and think about each part of the Bible and seriously ask themselves, "Word of god or crazy rant?", the world would be much improved.

Posted by Francis at 01:14 PM