May 19, 2004

Hit me with your rhythm stick

In case you've been wondering what erstwhile Yes and King Crimson drummer Bill Bruford has been up to lately, there's a terrific article that'll bring you up to speed. In a nutshell: he's still playing jazz. He's still good at it. He has a new album which I'm looking forward to hearing, but if you want one CD to convince you that former prog drummers can put out great jazz albums, I recommend 1997's "If Summer Had Its Ghosts", a collaboration with Eddie Gomez and Ralph Towner which will fail to bliss out only the most callous of listeners. Of his Earthworks material, I'm particularly fond of "All Heaven Broke Loose", which you should also pick up if you trust me implicitly in all music-related matters -- as who does not?

Posted by Francis at 05:10 AM