May 14, 2004

I'm turning "political issues" into a personal issue

From an AP story:

Presidential candidate John Kerry said Wednesday the war in Iraq is a failure and that a shake-up is needed to end the Bush administration's mistakes and incompetence, a sharp critique that sparked more Republican criticism that the Democrat is making the war a political issue.

Uh...what? Could we finally start calling bullshit on people complaining about "making (something) a political issue"? Because it seems to me that just about anything the government decides to do...(pause for full weight of contempt to sink in) a political issue.

We've demonstrably fucked things up in Iraq. The question of whether Bush is up to the job of fixing the fucked-uppedness that he helped cause is a valid one. When the Republicans plug their ears and go LA-LA-LA-LA-LA instead of attempt to argue the point, they just look like they already know they can't win the argument. Are people really taken in by that?

Posted by Francis at 02:02 AM