May 01, 2004

I love the 80s

Behold how much I trust you, my readers, in confessing to you that I have now compiled not one, not two, but eight mixes of songs from the '80s. The goal of these mixes is to give me an 80s fix for those moments when I need to hear synthesizers and affected vocal techniques, but don't want to just hear songs I know by heart. So when I began the project, I started looking for more obscure 80s bands. One-hit wonders, no-hit wonders, or even the odd band-that-was-great-that-I-somehow-managed-to-totally-miss-at-the-time (that would be China Crisis). Of course, even I sometimes like to hear songs I've heard before, so I do throw in the periodic old favorite -- the Human League's "Fascination" or "Change" by Tears for Fears, say.

Anyway, if you wish to plumb the depths of the 80s with me, here's the track list for the most recent mix; you can find the rest of them here.

Posted by Francis at 06:10 AM

oh fran-cis, do you love the eighties... this much?

Posted by: amber at May 2, 2004 05:40 PM