April 28, 2004

More free things for Francis

In a naked plea for merchandise, I'd like to ask all the regular visitors to this site to consider coming my way before buying things from Amazon. That's right, you don't have to buy the crap I recommend for me to get commissions off your purchases, as long as you click through one of my Amazon links first. You can buy anything you like, and it all goes to a good cause: more DVDs for me. Now, if you're one of those people who would rather support your local book or CD store, more power to you, my friend. Please be gentle when you are pushing me up against the wall after the revolution comes. But if you're buying from Amazon anyway, why not think of them as "Franmazon" instead (or perhaps "Amazeaney"), and get them to send some gift certificates my way? I mean, come on, who do you want to profit from your purchases? Megacorporations, or me? I think the answer is obvious. (It's "me".)

I'll probably put up a link in the sidebar for easy access, with rotating recommendations for music and movies and whatnot that you should own if you are a person of taste, but feel free to disregard my alt-snob tastes and go buy some Christina Aguilera if that floats your boat. But you know you can do better.

Posted by Francis at 01:53 PM