April 26, 2004

Pop(ulist) Rock

James pointed me to Songs to Wear Pants To, a site where readers write in with ideas for songs, and those ideas are brought to life, baby (in 71 seconds or less). Highlights include April 21's boy band song about the last cookie in the cookie jar, April 17's lipogrammatic rap song (which doesn't use the letter E in its lyrics), April 16's takedown of Bjork, and April 10's half-Gregorian chant/half-college theme song "We Photocopy Our Body Parts"...but it's all pretty damn funny, really.

(Update: Moments after I posted this, the guy behind the site took down his MP3 archives for bandwidth reasons. So the four songs on the front page will have to cover your short song entertainment needs for the moment, but be sure to check his site again next week.)

Posted by Francis at 01:46 PM