April 22, 2004

Standardized testing

Not sure how I feel about this NY Times article about the release (to Health Department officials) of the names of all the porn actors possibly infected with HIV by direct or indirect contact with the two actors who tested positive.

I mean -- obviously those people need to be tested. And one would expect (and hope) that they would have the sense to get tested on their own. But I can't help feeling that the Health Department doesn't exactly have the welfare of porn stars foremost in their mind.

Dr. Fielding said the most important task was finding people outside the adult-movie industry who might have contracted the H.I.V. virus from those inside it. "We want to make sure they're all covered, and counseled," he said.

Well...sure, that would be one of the tasks. And since this is more trackable than your average HIV outbreak, it would be irresponsible not to make an attempt to stem it. But I don't like how that comment implies a ghettoization of porn stars, as if they're all irresponsible people who have off-camera relationships with people who have no idea they're porn stars, in which STDs are never even discussed.

Posted by Francis at 07:36 AM