April 12, 2004

If you ate your candy bars with a knife and fork like your mother asked, this wouldn't be so difficult now, would it?

How closely do you look at your candy bars in the five seconds it takes you to gobble them down, you gluttonous pig? Find out with this quiz that tests your ability to recognize candy bars by their cross-sections. Some of the candy bars are mainly sold in the UK, so don't feel bad if, for instance, you can't get the green one on the second page.

You will be glad to know that none of these candies appear in the quiz, however. (Note that although the people behind that website are brave and funny individuals, they have an unfounded anti-tamarind prejudice. Obviously they've never tried this, or looked very hard at the ingredients in steak sauce.)

(Thanks to Jon for the quiz link.)

Posted by Francis at 06:14 PM

I actually got the green one. Oddly enough, that's about the only one I got. They're also available in Canada, and at some upscale markets that import candies.

Posted by: Maelstrom at April 13, 2004 06:43 PM