April 08, 2004

Sit down and let Uncle Francis tell you a story about ties. Hey, where are you going?

For a few months last year, it seemed like every time I found a vintage tie I wanted to buy, it was a Rooster tie.


It seemed implausible that there should be so many of the same bygone brand of tie around at once. (I had bought or been given Rooster ties before, but I'd never seen them with such frequency that I started recognizing the name.) They couldn't be a recent brand of tie with a retro logo, because some of the ties still had their original price tags attached, and the prices were nowhere near current tie prices. Rose theorized that perhaps there was a warehouse somewhere that had recently discovered a lost cache of Rooster ties, and the ties had gotten sold to a bunch of vintage stores.

While it was clear the mysterious appearance of Rooster ties in practically every used clothing store I frequented was never going to be answered, my curiosity had still been piqued by this mystery tie company whose aesthetic was so in sync with my own, so I looked around online and found absolutely no information whatsoever about the Rooster tie brand. Frustrating. So I was very pleased to run across this page at last (third item). It's not much information, but it's more than I used to have.

While you're reminiscing about the ties of yesteryear, don't miss the tie made out of feathers.

Another thing I learned from ties.com: The Taliban banned neckties in 2001. I never realized I was such a patriot.

(Shorter version of the above post: steal your father's Rooster ties and send them to me.)

Posted by Francis at 02:57 AM in Ties

Hmm, when I read the first sentance of this post I got really excited... mostly because I happen to collect socks with giraffes on them and I thought you actually collected ties with roosters. Turns out there's a brand named Rooster. Don't I feel silly.

Posted by: Wesley/Jenn at April 8, 2004 04:18 AM

Don't let that stop you from finding ties with roosters on them and giving them to me.

Posted by: Francis at April 8, 2004 10:35 PM