March 12, 2004

Hmm...the Pentel Quicker Clicker or the Bic Erasable?

Blogging will be light to nonexistent over the weekend while I am off at the yearly crossword tournament in Stamford. Wish me luck.

Posted by Francis at 12:17 PM

Dude. Paper-Mate Clickster. I'm serious; I love these things.

Posted by: David. at March 12, 2004 02:13 PM

You gotta graduate to PaperMate ClearPoint. The grip, while it doesn't look like it would, holds up extremely well over long periods of time. I spend 10 days straight each summer grading AP exams, so this is very important to me; this pencil has done better for me than Dr. Grip or even PhD (another PaperMate pencil). And the inventor of the retractable eraser is a genius.

-- Jenn

Posted by: Saphir at March 15, 2004 04:39 PM