March 09, 2004

See, the way to get polls to come out the way you want is to get rid of all those pesky other choices

Daniel Radosh pointed me to another doomed poll from the American Family Association; the link wasn't working when I first tried it, but when another friend e-mailed me the link, I tried again and got through.

Daniel had reported the results as of 5:35 PM as:

John Kerry 91.06% 2,456 votes
George Bush 3.19% 86 votes
Ralph Nader 5.75% 155 votes

Six hours later, those results had changed to:

John Kerry 90.25 % 18,004 votes
George Bush 3.48 % 694 votes
Ralph Nader 6.27 % 1,251 votes

From 91.06% support to 90.25%? See -- Nader really is stealing votes from Kerry!

Posted by Francis at 11:50 PM