February 22, 2004

Judo master Schwarzenegger uses my liberalism against me

Hey, is anyone surprised that Arnold Schwarzenegger wants us to fix it so naturalized immigrants can run for president?

The worst thing about it is -- it's a perfectly reasonable idea. Why shouldn't immigrants be allowed to run for president? It's nationalistic in a way I don't like to insist that only Americans can run for the presidency. But not Arnold Schwarzenegger!

This bit of the article is awfully amusing, though:

Mr. Schwarzenegger, who immigrated to the United States from Austria 35 years ago, on Sunday endorsed an amendment to the Constitution to allow immigrants who have been citizens for at least 20 years to run for president. Mr. Schwarzenegger became a citizen in 1983.

Quite a coincidence, that.

Posted by Francis at 09:29 PM

I loved how he said, when people followed up his remarks with the obvious question, that *his* running for the presidency had not even *crossed his mind* yet. This is all for the general benefit of the populace, y'see. Not for him, uh-uh, nope nope.

Posted by: Trip at February 23, 2004 11:11 AM