February 16, 2004

Adhere today, gone tomorrow

I'm not quite done with the new song I've been working on, so, instead, here's a song from a never-released recording session I did at Shimmy Disc many years ago. It was recorded and mixed by Kramer (of Bongwater), who also plays bass on the track; the clarinet is played by my friend Kyle Lapidus, through whose auspices the recording session took place (Kramer owed him money, and offered him studio time as barter, if I recall correctly). It's an ode to a mostly forgotten adhesive of yesteryear: "Mucilage".

I'll post more songs from that recording session now and then, perhaps with some drum parts added. (If this is your first time here and you'd like to download more free music that the RIAA can't touch you for, see the MP3 list in the column to the left.)

Posted by Francis at 12:25 AM