February 14, 2004

I received an honorable discharge, so I must have served. Also, I'm president, so I must have won the election. See?

The Boston Globe continues to ride Bush about Slackergate. The bit of this article that amuses me is:

At yesterday's press briefing, McClellan accused those who continue to question the president's National Guard service of "gutter politics" and "trolling for trash" in a political campaign season.

Asked if the same was true in 1992 when Bush's father criticized Governor Bill Clinton for not releasing his military records, stoking the controversy around Clinton's active avoidance of the Vietnam War draft by calling him "Slick Willie," McLellan replied, "I think that you expect the garbage can to be thrown at you in the 11th hour of a campaign, but not nine months before Election Day."

Okay...so it's better to accuse somebody of something right before an election, instead of giving them plenty of time to clear it up? Oh...but Bush has no apparent interest in clearing it up. I guess I see why that could be a problem.

Posted by Francis at 10:49 PM