February 02, 2004

That's Miss Jackson to you, Justin...because you are nasty

So, you know...I don't care about sports. I spent my Super Bowl Sunday proofreading crosswords. And then what happens? It turns out Justin Timberlake accidentally exposed Janet Jackson's breast during the halftime show! And I missed it! Well, thank goodness for the Internet.

MTV claims it was an accident, but why even have a tear-away breastplate on your costume if it's not going to get ripped off at some point? That's like showing a gun in act one and never firing it. I doubt CBS approved it, though, as Matt Drudge claims.

Many more pictures of the event can be found here. But that wasn't the only nudity at the Super Bowl. Goodness, no. (And hey -- wait a minute! That's Janet's tit on the Yahoo News slideshow, for crying out loud! Let's hear it for moral laxity in the media.)

Posted by Francis at 08:13 AM