January 28, 2004

Now that we've got professional linguists on our side, nothing can stop us

"Igry" has turned up yet again, this time at Language Log, a blog which features posts from numerous professors of linguistics. The entry featuring "igry" also features another coinage, "eggcorn". What's an eggcorn? Guess you'll have to read the entry and find out. I can also recommend the blog itself; it's good reading for armchair linguists.

(Thanks to Tahnan for spotting the post.)

Posted by Francis at 12:39 AM

Way to keep the igry train on the tracks! I used it in conversation last night, witnessing a couple fighting in front of a restaurant. The woman was really laying into the guy and everyone around him probably felt a little igry.

Posted by: Doug at January 28, 2004 03:04 PM