January 23, 2004

The Harrypotter Skank

Just remembered one thing I forgot to put in my Mystery Hunt review (and, by coincidence, one of the Mystery Hunt-related things I have to relate that might be amusing to the puzzle outsider).

So there was one puzzle in the Hunt entitled "A Mud-Soled Lubber". It was a Harry Potter puzzle ("A Mud-Soled Lubber" is an anagram of "Albus Dumbledore"), but as far as I was concerned, it should've been a Fatboy Slim puzzle, because every time I saw it, I could not stop singing to myself: "Right about now, a mud-soled lubber. Check it out now, a mud-soled lubber."

Posted by Francis at 09:10 PM

Oh! Thank you for finally explaining to me what that title meant. I kept trying to get something like "muggle-lover" out of it. Stupid anagrams.

Posted by: Lance at January 24, 2004 05:15 PM