January 15, 2004

To tide you over

I'm piling on the posts today (three already and it's barely 3 AM) because I'm going to Boston this afternoon for the MIT Mystery Hunt and will either be posting very tiny updates or not at all till next Tuesday. One way you could entertain yourself in my absence is by listening to an alternate version of my song "The Ranks of the Undead". The version I posted before was a new wave extravaganza; this is the marginally more pensive guitar-and-vocal only version.

(I do have a loose goal of posting around one new song a week, but obviously going out of town puts a slight crimp in that, which is why you're getting a semi-new song instead. Also on the subject of songs, you may have noticed the newish feature over there in the left-hand column, a list of MP3s currently available for download.)

Another thing you could do, if you're feeling ambitious, is to solve some puzzles I wrote for last year's Mystery Hunt, which had a Matrix theme. I suggest these two interconnected puzzles: the first is a cryptic crossword and the second is a Labyrinth; the Labyrinth puzzle will give you a one-word answer; the cryptic crossword will give you instructions on how to modify the answer to the Labyrinth puzzle to get a longer answer. Links to the puzzle solutions are in the upper right corner of each page, if you give up. (Note that Mystery Hunt puzzles often have gimmicks that are not explicitly explained in the instructions, so...you've been warned.)

Or you could just read the long entries posted below.

Posted by Francis at 03:30 AM