January 12, 2004

Are you there, God? It's me, Scott Miller.

Scott Miller of the Loud Family (one of the more criminally underappreciated bands of the '90s -- "Days for Days" and "Attractive Nuisance" are CDs everybody needs) has a mostly weekly column where he answers questions from his fans. (I've written a few questions, which you can find by flipping through the archives and text searching for "Francis", if you're particularly interested, though I warn you they're not inherently interesting questions to non-fans.) Anyway, in the second question of his latest column (find the Jan. 12th entry if you're reading this in the future), he answers a Jesus-boosting spam letter as if it were a real query, taking it as an opportunity to free-associate about religion. Very entertaining, in a brainy way.

Posted by Francis at 08:49 PM