January 04, 2004


Recording all the songs for "We're All Dead" has gotten me back into the swing of recording my songs, which I haven't really done for a while. (Such is the curse of dilettantism; you spend a few years honing your four-track recorder technique, then the next thing you know, the four-track is in the closet and you're spending all your time writing cryptic crosswords.)

The song I finished up today is one that I wrote for a fund-raising event. My friend Jason St. Sauver recently created a show based on the various retellings of the Dracula story, so when he asked me to play a few songs at the fund-raiser for the show, I thought I'd write a new song on the subject of vampires. It appears here for your downloading pleasure (in a tarted-up arrangement that will probably startle anyone who has heard it in its usual acoustic-guitar-and-vocal garb). It's called "The Ranks of the Undead".

Posted by Francis at 12:33 AM