December 18, 2003

They are, however, totally behind gay marriage when it's between a gay man and a lesbian

Daniel Radosh points out that the American Family Association is hosting a poll, which they intend to send to Congress, on homosexual marriage. Of course, a poll that consisted merely of the people who actually visit their website on a regular basis might be just a tad skewed (what with the way they think Bush might actually be too soft on his support for a constitutional amendment making it illegal for gays to marry), so Daniel suggests that if we spread the word, they might get a more accurate result. Let's help out, shall we?

Posted by Francis at 06:05 PM

nice idea, but it looks like the poll has been shut down or is being skewed somehow. i just tried to vote to support gay marriage and was informed i had already voted. hmmmm... no, i think i'd recall doing that.

thanks for the link, though. i'll send this information to

Posted by: postbear at December 30, 2003 04:42 AM