December 13, 2003

Working for the Canuck dollar

Just got my copy of the new Sloan CD ("Action Pact"), and I'm happy to report that their slightly lame last album ("Pretty Together") was a statistical aberration, and that all the hooks they forgot to put in that album have found their way to this one. It's not as jaw-droppingly good as "Between the Bridges" was, but it's still a fine return to form. Too bad you can't buy "Action Pact" in the United States!

Not to worry. You have a couple options. You can either pay over $30 for it at Amazon...or you could (if you wanted to) do what I did and order it from Canada for about $12 American (which includes shipping costs). Sure, I feel bad not supporting Amazon's mom and pop operation, but that's a decision I'm just going to have to live with.

Posted by Francis at 05:23 PM