December 07, 2003

A whale of a controversy...that's...not really all that controversial, when you get right down to it

I was recently reminded of Fudgie the Whale (a beloved Carvel ice cream cake, for those of you not in the know) while listening to Jonathan Coulton's terrific CD which you should all buy, and I thought I would attempt to help spread the word about something I can only describe as "shocking, if you are easily shocked". Or as "cake-related". I speak, of course, of Carvel's clandestine repurposing of Fudgie the Whale. Judge for yourself:

Fudgie.jpg Santa.jpg

Posted by Francis at 08:21 AM

Oh, that's NOTHING... Fudgie is also the playful leprachaun "Cookie O'Puss" on St. Patrick's day!

Posted by: Fred at December 8, 2003 12:04 PM